Volunteer Information
The FSMTB is always looking for enthusiastic and qualified applicants to serve in a volunteer capacity. As a federation that strives to carry out the directions of its member boards and agencies, FSMTB views its volunteers as its most important asset. Volunteers serve in a variety of capacities, such as on committees, as item writers for the Massage & Bodywork Licensing Examination (MBLEx), and on the board of directors. If you have an interest in becoming a volunteer, please fill out the application below. For more information, please email info@fsmtb.org.


The FSMTB offers equal opportunities to all applicants. It is committed to equitable and fair selection procedures, without regard to race, sex, age, color, religion, disability, national origin, ancestry, marital or familial status, sexual orientation, or any other category protected by federal law or other applicable laws and regulations. Information provided on your application will not be used for any discriminatory purposes. Your application will be given every consideration; however, its completion does not imply that you will be appointed by FSMTB.

Volunteer Opportunities
Some volunteer positions require an individual to be an associate member of FSMTB.

Associate members include all of the following:

1. Current and legally serving members of an FSMTB member board* and individuals who have served on a member board within the last 12 months

2. Chief administrative officer of a member board

3. Current serving members of the FSMTB board of directors

*An FSMTB member board is a jurisdictional agency authorized by statute to regulate the practice of massage therapy, or, as determined by the jurisdictional agency, acts in an advisory capacity to such jurisdictional agency, whether by licensure, certification or registration, in any of the States of the United States of America, or the District of Columbia, or its insular territories, and that has been granted membership in the Federation.

Board of Directors (requires volunteer to be an associate member of FSMTB)
Elections for open positions on the FSMTB board of directors are conducted each year during the FSMTB annual meeting. To be considered for a position on the board of directors, an individual must meet the following qualifications:

A. At the time of their nomination and election, directors shall be either:

1. An associate member of the Federation;

2. A director who is currently serving on the board of directors, subject to the term limits set forth herein; or

3. An otherwise eligible public member

B. The president shall have served the Federation as either a delegate, a committee member, a director or an officer before being elected to the office of president.

C. A public member shall not be a current or previously credentialed member of the massage therapy profession, nor should they be an employer or employee of individuals in the massage therapy profession.

D. No member of the board of directors shall concurrently hold an elected or appointed office in a state or national association that, in the opinion of the board of directors, would result in potential or actual conflict of interest with the Federation.

Content Development Advisory Panel (CDAP) 
This panel is comprised of an unlimited number of members, ideally including current or former associate members of FSMTB and educators. The panel guides the development of state-requested CE courses sponsored by massage regulatory boards. It monitors the content and maintenance of CE courses in the Regulatory Education and Competence Hub (REACH), and reviews the platform's functionality.

Continuing Education Registry Review Panel (RRP) 
This panel is comprised of at least five members, the majority of whom are experienced educators. This panel will verify provider compliance with the FSMTB CE Standards used for CE Registry. It reviews student feedback to inform content adjustments or course revisions for provisional and registered providers, and oversees maintenance of the CE Standards and Registry Guidebook.

Examination Policy Committee (requires volunteer to be an associate member of FSMTB)
This committee will be comprised of at least five members. The committee provides general oversight of the licensing examination process to ensure consistency with the Member Boards’ needs for examinations.

Examination Development Committee (requires volunteer to have been an Examination Item Writer)
Members of this committee are appointed by the FSMTB Board of Directors and are subject matter experts whose mission is to maintain continued development of the Massage & Bodywork Licensing Examination (MBLEx). Their work includes the review of examination items in direct collaboration with the FSMTB psychometric team to ensure the validity and defensibility of examinations.

Examination Eligibility Review Panel (requires volunteer to be a current or former associate member of FSMTB)
This panel evaluates irregularities discovered in the MBLEx process, such as discrepancies and inaccuracies on MBLEx applications, to determine a candidate’s MBLEx eligibility.

Examination Item Writers
Item writers are sought for their knowledge in the areas of massage and bodywork. The FSMTB trains volunteers, and assignments are issued on a rotating basis at least two times per year. Volunteers must be professionals in the field and be able to transfer information electronically.

Examination - Practice Test Item Writers
Writing for MBLEx practice tests is similar to writing for the MBLEx. Massage therapy students are welcome and encouraged to volunteer for this area. The FSMTB will train volunteers who will then write for the practice tests and who will be responsible for responding to assignments as issued two to four times per year.

Finance Committee (requires volunteer to be an associate member of FSMTB)
The finance committee is comprised of at least three members and the treasurer, who serves as chair. The committee reviews the annual budget, the Federation’s investments, and the audit. The committee, working in conjunction with the board president, recommends a budget to the Board and advises them on fiscal policy to assure prudence and integrity of fiscal management while remaining responsive to member board needs.

License Renewal Committee (requires volunteer to be a current or former associate member of FSMTB)
The License Renewal Committee (LRC) develops regulatory education programs, reviews course content and is instrumental in overseeing the Continuing Education (CE) Registration process for continuing education providers and courses on behalf of the regulatory community. This seven-member committee consists of state board regulators. This committee may create sub-committees to help them in their tasks. The sub-committees consist of qualified volunteers that have experience in massage therapy subject matter, continuing education and course development.

Nominating Committee (requires volunteer to be an associate member of FSMTB)
This committee seeks nominations from member boards and associate members and shall present a slate of qualified candidates for election to the board of directors at the Annual Meeting. The members of this committee are elected each year at the Annual Meeting from nominations submitted by the nominating committee or by nominations from the floor. To be eligible for this committee, the nominee must have attended at least one Annual Meeting. 

Policy Committee (requires volunteer to be an associate member of FSMTB)
This committee researches and develops proposed amendments to the Bylaws and Standing Rules as directed by the board of directors or the delegate assembly. The Committee shall, in accordance with policies established by the board of directors, review, evaluate and report to the delegate assembly on all resolutions and motions submitted by member boards.