The FSMTB welcomes any jurisdictional agency authorized by statute to regulate the practice of massage therapy to join FSMTB as a member. By joining FSMTB, your board/agency will be linked to a national network of professionals who are dedicated to public protection.

As an FSMTB Member Board, you have the opportunity to be involved in providing direction to the Federation, as well as further developing the services and benefits that FSMTB can provide for your board/agency. Prior to joining, we encourage you and your board/agency to examine our mission statement, our bylaws and our Member Services.

As part of your membership benefits, FSMTB covers expenses for one delegate to attend the FSMTB Annual Meeting in order to ensure a voice and a vote for each member board/agency. The FSMTB encourages as many board members and support staff as possible to participate – in addition to covering delegate expenses, FSMTB offers a discounted registration fee for all board and staff members to attend the annual meeting.

If you are staff for, or a member of, your state licensing board/agency and would like more information on membership or to receive email updates, please contact FSMTB via email at or call the FSMTB Executive Office at 913.681.0380. 

Please note that FSMTB waives the membership dues for the first fiscal year in which you join so that you may enjoy the full benefits of membership at no cost. 

Membership Renewal
The membership year begins July 1 and ends the following June 30. Membership renewal occurs on an annual basis with a deadline of July 1. Should your board/agency need more time to process membership dues prior to renewal, please contact FSMTB for an extended deadline. To renew your membership, please complete and submit the form below. Include your membership fee as specified on the renewal form.

2021-2022 Membership Form

FSMTB Year in Review Highlights:

As you consider membership renewal for the new fiscal year, here are a few highlights from our past membership cycle:

  • Created REACH courses that reflect regulatory ethics;
  • Assisted CE Registry Providers to continue meeting FSMTB CE Standards;
  • Published the “Massage and Bodywork Guidelines for Practice with COVID-19 Considerations” at the request of member boards which established standards and promoted practitioner and public protection at the height of the pandemic crisis;
  • Supported member boards with legislative activity;
  • Created regular virtual meetings for Members to continue discussions of important matters affecting regulation during the pandemic;
  • Invited expert speakers and hold virtual membership events on relevant topics to assist membership with information and resources that could reduce the burden on member boards;
  • Brought licensing examination services in-house to implement a higher standard of service support for MBLEx applicants;
  • Promoted the importance of licensure and one national licensing examination for professional mobility;
  • Continued virtual meetings and communications to support schools and students;
  • Assisted in the investigation of MBLEx candidates and schools to protect the security and integrity of the examination and the licensure process;
  • Maintained timely communications regarding programs, services and operations for boards/agencies, MBLEx applicants, volunteers and the many others served by FSMTB during uncertain times.

We value your membership and involvement. Together, we can achieve our shared mission of public protection. We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding membership. Please call us at 913.681.0380 or email us at

Volunteers are central to our organization. If you or anyone from your organization would like to volunteer with FSMTB, please click the button below.